4 Dice SFRPG rules


This is the home for my 4 Dice RPG rules, my SF variants of the 3 Dice rules.

4 Dice PPS SFRPG (PPS is short for Pulp Pure and Simple) deviates from 3 Dice (and 4 Dice SFRPG below) by introducing skills and limiting use of items. This is the version I play, with all the options!

4 Dice SF PPS RPG 1.0d January 2021

4 Dice SFRPG was the first version I created and adds in options for Acts, final scenes and a adventurer background.

4 Dice SFRPG 1.0d October 2020

These are tables I use when playing 4 Dice SFRPG.  They don't affect the game but do provide more narrative flavour.

4 Dice Tables v1.0a December 2020

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